Sunday, August 19, 2012

God Provides

It's easy to think why did this happen to me? Why did it have to be me that has a connective tissue disorder? Why do I need to wear braces on my arms to keep myself out of pain? Today I realized something. Something special. Something important. I can sum it up in two words...god provides. God has provided me with food, shelter, happiness. God has given Nardos to me so I could provide for her. Today god provided me with something very important back in my life, music! I realized today that I can play my guitar once again. My wrist braces hold my wrist in place so it is not extremely painful when I strum. Honestly I hardly feel it at all! God has gotten me through the most diffucult times of my life. I can never put into words how truly thankful I am for that. God has provided for me and he will provide for you too!

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