Friday, August 17, 2012


Recently I received a letter that my little Nardos and her family moved. It got me thinking...moving for them is probably a totally different experience than it is for us. I take for granted that when my family and families like us move we go with the security of a nice new house, a warm bed to sleep in, and plenty of food to eat. So I fiqured that maybe when they move it is like that in reverse. Going to an unfamiliar place were you have know idea were you will be able to live and if you will have enough food to eat. It makes me happy to know that because I sponsor Nardos she is provided with food medicine and education! I strongly encourage that you either sponsor a child or become a correspondent and write letters a child. I sponsor Nardos from Ethiopia, and correspond with Pamela from Peru and Sahil from India. My family also corresponds with Elvis from Ecuador. It makes a huge difference in the lives of these children! Go to for more info. Thanks for reading :)

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