Saturday, August 4, 2012


Wow it's been a long time since I posted...sorry the last few weeks have been hectic! So to start things off my Compassion Blogger assignment today was to introduce you to the new website!!!!!!! To check out the new website just go to I was blown away by how much easier it was to use. Thank you Compassion! Second yesterday my family received our first letter from our correspondent child Elvis with a picture on the back that says Jesus is life in you, that made me smile! Lastly please pray for me because I was recently told that I have some sort of a connective tissue disorder, but it is taking a while for the doctors to be able to diagnose which one I have. It is very painful and I pray for my pain to go away soon! Ohhh and one more thing...the Compassion Bloggers are taking a trip to Peru and I really hope they visit Pamela's center. I am so excited to follow them on their journey! Thank you and God Bless - Emily

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