Letter Writing

One of the key components in child sponsorship is writing letters.  Letter writing is very important because many times a child in poverty has very little encouragement.  With your letters you can make a huge difference in the life of a child!

In the letters I write i love to include things like paper dolls and stickers for my sponsored children.  It is so much fun to make paper crafts and include them in your letters!  Get creative with different ways to make paper crafts.  You can also write letters online and use really cute stationary...either way your sponsored child will love your letters!

 Also, keep in mind that it is a bad idea to talk about possessions in letters you send to your sponsored child.  Instead talk about things like your family, games you like to play, or what the weather is like at your house!  

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog,



  1. Hi Emily,
    You are an amazing inspiration and I am praying that many more discover your blog!!! Can't hardly believe you are only 13 and have such mature compassion/love for other children.I will also pray regarding your connective tissue pain and that you get well. Blessings, Hope

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your support and prayers immensely :)


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